Sakurajima Volcano Webcams

Sakurajima Webcam

Camera should be live.

SakuraJima is a stratovolcano located towards the southern tip of Japan’s south island Kyushu. Sakurajima sits on the edge of the very large Aira caldera, which formed in an enormous eruption that buried much of Japan under extensive ash around 25,000 years ago. The Aira Caldera itself forms a large portion of Kagoshima Bay.

In more recent times, Sakurajima has been an extremely active volcano, frequently emitting small, yet explosive eruptions that dust nearby cities and waterways in a thin layer of ash. While Sakurajima has recently had a tendency to erupt near continues small eruptions, there have been instances of much larger eruptive episodes, including a VEI-4 eruption in 1914, a VEI-5 eruption in 1471, and a VEI-6 eruption in 8050 BC.

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