About Big Volcanic

Big Volcanic is a blog and website that aims to discuss volcanoes, volcanic events, and volcanically oriented speculation in a rational and understanding manner.

I have noticed in my long time of reading volcano articles that there is a bit of a gap between the extremely technical writing seen in papers, research, or even advanced volcano websites and the overly simplistic and often fear-mongering articles commonly seen in the news. I hope to find more of a middle ground here, although some articles will naturally be more technical, and some will be less serious.

My goal for this site is that it can function to inform people who are not extremely knowledgeable about volcanoes on how they work and what to expect, while still creating discussion and sharing information with those who have a lot of experience with volcanoes.

I also have hopes that this blog can not only answer questions about volcanoes, but also raise just as many new questions as we answer.

Who Owns / Operates This Website?

My name is Greg S (aka Cbus05 or Cbus20122). I am not a volcanologist. But I have had a passion for earth sciences and volcanoes for a very long time. When I was in college / university, I strongly considered going into an earth science field such as Geology, but decided against it after realizing the rigors of being forced into graduate school and the likelihood that most geo students end up working for oil companies.

Fortunately, as a professional, my job involves lots of writing, digital work, as well as some media experience, so I figured this blog / website is a great opportunity to combine my knowledge and understanding of volcanoes with the ability to present the information to the public in a clear and straightforward manner.

Have any questions or want to contact me?

Feel free to email me at bigvolcanicblog at Gmail dot com for any relevant or important inquiries. I am open to writing volcanic articles on other websites if desired, but discussions will need to be arranged, and I am often quite busy with my own real-life schedule.

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